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The complete course to learn everything you have to know about BadUSBs.
Beginner-friendly and a great way to get started with ethical hacking.

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How BadUSBs work

Why it only takes seconds for a BadUSB to hack a computer, steal passwords, or install malware.

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How to build BadUSBs

Make a BadUSB for testing and program it by creating your own BadUSB scripts.

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Learn to

Protect yourself

What measures can be taken to keep you safe from BadUSB attacks.

Lots of Good Content

  • 6 Chapters

  • 36 Lessons

  • 4 Hours of Video Content

Short video lessons, written descriptions, visualizations, and interactive elements. All videos are in 4k and include English subtitles.

Course Chapters

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The Danger of USB HID

What our Students say

"This course is so complete that it picks you up no matter where you are. That you can get so much out of 3$ microcontrollers really surprised me."

"The course offers a lot of useful knowledge for people who want to prevent such attacks. The teacher also has a very pleasant voice so that you are not annoyed even after a long time."

"Perfect for beginners because the topic is expandable in all directions (coding, network, server structure, shell scripting)."

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Stefan aka. Spacehuhn

About me

Hi 👋
I make open-source security tools aimed at beginners to make ethical hacking more approachable and exciting.
I hope this online course can be a part of that.

Recommended BadUSBs

We recommend getting one of the following products:



Digispark is a tiny and affordable development board. It's great for anyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

USB Nova

USB Nova

USB Nova is a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use BadUSB made for beginners. Simply drag and drop your scripts on the USB drive.

MalDuino W

MalDuino W

The MalDuino W is a wireless-controlled BadUSB. It's a professional pentesting tool and great for beginners because it's easy to use.


Required is only a device to watch the course on, like a phone, tablet, or laptop. But we recommend you get a BadUSB to be able to follow along with the scripting chapter. In that case, you also need a computer to program your BadUSB.

Any BadUSB that supports Ducky Script will work with this course. We recommend getting the Digispark or MalDuino W.

Yes! The course starts at the basics; no previous experience is required. Beginners will especially benefit from this course because the BadUSB topic is an excellent gateway for learning about other technologies.

Have a look at the course outline. It tells you everything covered in the course, so you will know whether or not the topics are worth your time and money.

No. Hacking is about overcoming a technical problem in a creative way. The course is an educational resource for creating awareness and understanding the underlying technology. It doesn't teach you to hack other people.

If you're unhappy with the course and want to return it, please send us an email (support@spacehuhn.tech) within 14 days after purchase, and we will refund you.

Yes! After purchase, you will receive an invite link to register on the course platform. You can send this invite link to a friend.

BadUSB Course

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